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The United Pegasus Foundation offers healthy horses for adoption to private individuals, 4-H groups and equestrian programs.

These horses were retired from the racetrack and either completed a comprehensive rehabilitation program or retired sound (usually not fast enough-but still athletic).

Horses that are adopted from the UPF must adhere to the contract which stipulates a quality of care standard.

Any future transfers of the ownership and contract must be approved by UPF prior to the transfer (approval will not be unreasonably withheld).

As with all of our horses, the UPF will always take back any horse that was previously adopted from our foundation.

Horses currently offered for adoption are listed below.


(Updated 2/5/18).



Aragon Flyer (Available)

Argon Flyer is a liver chestnut gelding born in January 2013.

Lightly raced and retired from racing in March 2016 with a slight bow.

This horse is very athletic and a beautiful mover.

Would make a great performance horse for a experienced rider.


Arya Stark (Available)

She was born in 2014, 16.3 hd Dark Bay filly.

She only raced a few times and racing just wasn’t for her.

She retired sound and is ready for her new career.

She is a beautiful filly, good natured and has a long stride.

She has lots of potential to become a Jumper, Dressage or Eventer.


Classic Journey (Available)

Classic Journey is a chestnut mare, 16.1 hands, born in 2009.

She retired from racing in 2015 with a bowed tendon.

She's got a great personality and is a nice mover.

Must see to appreciate her potential.


Ghost of Harrenhal (Available)

Ghost of Harrenhal (Ghosty) was born in 2011.

This bay gelding is 16.3 hands and has the most awesome personality.

Retired sound from racing in 2014, except for the fact that he was diagnosed as being a roarer (only heard in fast gallops).

This horse has so much potential to be somebodys show horse.

The heart on his head truly will capture your heart.



I Fly Solo (Available)

I Fly Solo is a dark bay mare born in March of 2010. She is approximately 16.1 hands.

This unraced mare retired from racing with a slight bow.

Since she has been bred twice and is now up for adoption as a riding horse.

This extremely sweet mare has great potential as a performance horse.


On a Flight(Available)

On a Flight is a 3 year old filly unraced an unblemished.

She simply was not fast enough to race.

She has a wonderful personality and is willing and able to be retrained for any discipline.



Wild Mischief (Available)

Wild Mischief is a bay gelding approximately 16.2 hands, born in 2013.

This horse retired from racing sound.

He is extremely smart and athletic.

Looks like one of those old English steeplechasers.

He is ready to start a new career.



Queen Khaleesi (Available)

She was born in 2011, 15.3 hd Chestnut Filly.

Queenie raced a few times. She tried to compete, but she was not fast enough.

She was retired sound from racing.

She is a well built filly with a heart of gold.

She is very bold as you can see by the photo's, and she has lots of potential.



Song of a Witch (Available)

Song of the Witch is a bay mare approximately 16.2 hands, born in 2010

Retired from racing in 2013 with a slight bow. She was bred once.

This awesome mare is a great mover with a personality to match.

Will make a champion performance horse in the right hands.



Storm Fleur (Available)

Storm Fleur is a dark bay mare who stands 16.1 hands.

Born in 2005, she has had one foal following her 10 year racing career.

She is a nice mover and would make an excellent pleasure horse.



Wannabe Solo (Available)

Wannabe Solo is a dark bay mare. Born in 2016.

She retired sound from racing. She just couldn't run, but she tried every time.

Very sweet filly, will make a great all around performance horse.