Helen Meredith, Founder and President

Helen Meredith is the founder and President of the United Pegasus Foundation. In 1990, she was inspired by Christina Lund's investigation into the horse slaughter industry regarding what happens to many Thoroughbred exracehorses after their racing career has ended. This lead Helen on the path to start the United Pegasus Foundation ("UPF"). The UPF was primaruly set up to be a place that would take in any Thoroughbred with a lip tattoo in order to give them a chance to go on to a new career or at the very least, have a dignified retirement. Helen did not think it was fair that a horse who raced so young and so hard to earn money for people could end up discarded and in line at the slaughterhouse. Helen feels that these horses earned a chance at a dignified retirement or wholehearted efforts made by people to move them into a new career.

Before UPF

Born in Scotland, Helen Meredith was enchanted with horses and decided to pursue a life working with them professionally.

She had an extensive career in the horse racing industry. In 1974-1976, she worked with Sir Mark Prescott in Newmarket, England as an apprentice. In 1976-1978 she worked with John Cunnington in Chantilly, France as an apprentice where she had the pleasure of working with Northern Taste and Contessa de Loir. From 1978-1980 she worked with Marcel Boussac. From 1980-1984, Helen trained four Thoroughbreds on the flat and over jumps in France, winning twelve races.


In 1984 she became the assistant trainer to Johnathan Pease and worked with numerous stake and group horses such as: Riloy, Swink, Delighter, Golden Pleasant, Frankly Perfect and Truggon. She rode in approximately 100 amateur races in France, and became one of the leading amateur riders.

Helen and the Queen of England

Then in 1989 she came to the United States where she soon met and married Thoroughbred racehorse trainer, Derek Meredith. Together they had the great pleasure of training the 1993 Breeder's Cup Sprint Winner, Cardmania. In 1994, she founded the United Pegasus Foundation, a non-profit organization, for Thoroughbred retirement, rehabilitation and adoption.

Helen Training Famous Race Horses

In Summary

Helen has much experience with the Thoroughbred horse. Her talent for handling them and training them has made the UPF a success. All of the horses after some rest at the UPF are very well fed, have a natural glow of great health about them and are mentally at peace. Many of the adoptable horses have gone on to do great things. Many exracers that have not been able to be sound enough for riding have managed to enjoy a pain-free, happy life in retirement. Nobody works as hard as Helen at the UPF. You will likely find her mucking or trimming hooves or doing something that makes a person very dirty, sweaty and tired. But she does it all with enthusiasm because of her genuine love for the horses.

You can help Helen and the rest of her staff, the volunteers and, OF COURSE, the horses by donating funds to help us feed the horses, sponsoring an exracer monthly, buying merchandise off our online store, purchasing an adoptable as your next riding horse, purchasing a PMU foal as part of our efforts to fundraise for the exracer retirees, or by donating items that are useful for the running of a horse rescue which includes things like Home Depot and Lowes gift certificates, pipe corral, hay, feed, work trucks, or whatever you might think you have to offer that could help! Thank you!